How long can LED lamps last?


While incandescent bulbs have an estimated life of 1000 hours, halogen and energy saving light lamps are around 3000, LED bulbs reach 40,000 hours of operation.

Good quality LED lamps can have a lifetime of 40,000 hours or more but the average is around 35,000 hours. But this all depends on their design and how they dissipate heat from the LED chip. Depending on how many hours they are used a day, that can last as long as 20 years.

Unlike other lighting products LED lamps do not completely fail - they get dimmer. At 40,000 hours of use (or their rated lifetime), an LED lamp will be designed to provide at least 70% of its initial light output (LOR). The lifetime is dependent on many different factors including lamp design, LED chip type, ambient temperatures and fixture design.