Warm white or cool white?

In this store you will see that we classify LED about two types of white: the cool white (also called pure) and the warm white.

Because LED bulbs are a completely different technology and much more technically advanced it is possible to choose the colour of the light that you want. The colour temperature of light can be measured as a number on the Kelvin scale. This is represented by a number followed by the symbol “K”.

The DIN 5035 divides the light into three color classes:

-          Warm white (Tc < 3.300K)

-          Neutral white (3.300K < Tc < 5.000 K)

-          Cool White (Tc > 5.000 K)

High colour temperatures of over 5000K are said to be cool colours and often have a blue tone to them. Whereas low colour temperatures of 2,500 – 3,200 are said to be warm colours and have yellow or orangey tones to them.

In domestic lighting, 75 – 80% of customers buy warm white LED bulbs as they offer the closest match to their old incandescent or halogen bulbs that they are replacing. The light given off by a warm white LED bulb can be described as soft and warm with a slight yellow hint to it.

In commercial lighting the majority of customers opt for cool white bulbs. These give a brighter light but you should be careful to ensure that the colour temperature is not too high, or in practical terms the light not too cool, otherwise the effect may seem very harsh or displeasing to the eye.